DCSMA History


DCSMA exists to support the work of local SM advocates. Below we highlight some of our successes.

    • 2000-2003 – DCSMA assists in a coalition to remove “flagellation” and other legal activities from the ABC regulations in Washington, DC. If flagellation isn’t already in the criminal code, then why criminalize it?

  • August 2001 – DCSMA Participates in Conference on “21st Century Relationships”
    DCSMA Education Co-Chair Jonathan Krall presented “Sex and Politics” with NCSF Executive Director Judy Guerin. The conference focused on non-traditional relationships, such as polyamory (see www.lovethatworks.org)

  • April 2001 – DCSMA Participates in LLC Five
    DCSMA participants, including Jack McGeorge and Jonathan Krall, volunteered and presented at the fifth annual Leather Leadership Conference. Unlike in the past, DCSMA did not raise money for LLC scholarships. Why not? Because, following the past DCSMA example, local organizations SigMa and Black Rose provided LLC scholarships to their own members.

  • October 2000 – DCSMA Organizes Media Training
    The point of the (perhaps misnamed) media outreach project was to train spokespeople for clubs and groups that put on SM events. Most SM groups do not want publicity, but need to be prepared to respond to the media, especially if an “incident” occurs.
    To complement the media training, which was conducted by Cathy Renna of GLAAD, DCSMA produced a Media Outreach Kit. The DCSMA Media Outreach Kit is an MS-Word document that an be edited to create a Media Outreach Packet (aka a Press Kit) for your club or event. This is available from DCSMA upon request.
    Above, Cathy Renna of GLAAD trains future media spokepersons at the GLAAD offices in Washington, DC.

  • April, 2000 – DCSMA Volunteers
    Among the many DCSMA members who helped make LLC2000 a huge success, were Don Mease, who ran registration. Below Don is shown at his LLC2000 poster presentation.

  • February, 2000 – The DCSMA-LLC Scholarship Fund is renewed. Nine scolarships are awarded to send SM advocates and group leaders to Leather Leadership Conference 2000 in Washington, DC. Though the DCSMA-LLC Scolarship program, scholarships have been awarded to members of Black Rose, dc boys of leather, DCSMA, DC Spanking, Highwaymen TNT, Men of Discipline DC, Phoenix, Potomac MC and SigMa.

  • February, 2000 – The DCSMA Education Program produces seminars upon request. Whenever possible, experienced presenters are paired with less experienced folks. This increases the number of skilled presenters in DCSMA (and in the community).

  • March, 1999 – DCSMA marches for equality. Below, DCSMA member Bernadette Wright attends the Equality Begins at Home rally. Other DCSMA folks were also in attendance.
    Later in 1999, DCSMA members joined Bi Insurgence (also shown) to protest at a religious right conference. Photo from Washington Post, March 22, 1999.

  • October, 1998 – The DCSMA-LLC Scholarship Fund was created by DCSMA as a way of investing in the local leather communities in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Seven scholarships are awarded to send SM advocates and group leaders to Leather Leadership Conference III in San Francicso.

  • August, 1998 – DCSMA Raises Funds The first DCSMA action was a series of fundraisers in August, 1998. The aim of these events, which raised $4600, was to fund the incorporation of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.
    Among those pictured are DCSMA co-founders Jonathan Krall (third from left) and Tyler Green (6th from left), then-NCSF Chairman Jack McGeorge (front and center), who suggested the fundraisers, and NCSF Policy Director Susan Wright (far right).

  • July, 1998 – DCSMA is formed by Jonathan Krall and Tyler Green on July 7 of 1998 to further political advocacy in the Washington, DC SM community. Krall and Green are members of the Black Rose, a pansexual BDSM support and education group. From the start, DCSMA was intended to be a small, informal, networking group for those in the community who were working on political advocacy.



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