Resources for Organizing an SM Group


Organizing a new SM-leather-fetish group? Working your way through a reorganization of an existing group?

We stress that all SM and leather groups are different, with missions and protocols that range from informal to grandiloquent. The suggestions and tools offered here may not be the right ones for you.

Nevertheless, here are a few tools that might help.

    • Organizational Checklists
      These three checklists are designed to guide open discussions concerning the purpose and organization of a new SM group. These were originally produced by slavette of TALON.
      Checklist 1 covers background and philosophy of the proposed group, including goals, organizational dynamics, proposed member services, and the all-important group name.
      [Checklist 1: Background]

      Checklist 2 contains suggestions for the initial meetings of a new group, including when to meet, where to meet, publicity, and safety and comfort issues.
      [Checklist 2: Initial Meetings]

      Checklist 3 covers the bylaws and structure of a proposed group, including organizing a subgroup to write draft bylaws, and suggested officers and staff positions.
      [Checklist 3: Bylaws and Structure]


    • Dos and Don’ts for SM Groups
      These are helpful suggestions and positive habits for SM-leather-fetish groups and group-leaders. The aim is to create a lasting organization with a positive impact on the local SM-leather-fetish community.
      This document was originally produced by slavette of TALON and Jonathan Krall of Black Rose for presentation at the 4th annual Leather Leadership Conference (LLC2000).
      [Dos and Don’ts]
  • The DCSMA “Safe Space” Policy
    The importance of ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for group volunteers and group members cannot be stressed too strongly. A harassing or disruptive individual, if left unchallenged, can threaten the very existence of an organization.
    This document was created during the brief period in which DCSMA had an elected board with a mandate to set and enforce these policies.
    [DCSMA “Safe Space” Policy]


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