Public Relations Tools for SM Organizations


Most SM-leather-fetish groups do not like to engage in public relations. To protect our members’ privacy, we rightfully shun the public spotlight.

Nevertheless, we sometimes need to do outreach, such as when we rent space for our meetings or events. In a worst-case scenario, an unfortunate circumstance may bring the mass media to our doorstep. Either way, it pays to be prepared.

Here are a few tools that might help.

    • The DCSMA “Press Kit Kit”
      This is a pair of MS-Word documents that can be easily modified and customized to create a Press Kit for your group. It was originally created as part of a DCSMA-organized media training session in October 2000.
      The “Press Kit Kit” comes in two parts, the second of which was adapted, with permission, from NCSF outreach materials.
      [Media Kit part 1] [Media Kit part 2]


  • The St. Louis Leather and Lace Briefing Book
    This briefing book was used as an outreach tool when arranging to rent hotel space for a past “Beat Me In St. Louis” event. This was made available by “Larry in St. Louis” at LLC Five in April 2001.
    [SLLL Briefing Book]
  • The BESS Hotel Briefing Book
    Originally based on SLLL event briefing book, this document was used by the Baltimore Educational and Social Society (BESS) when arranging for rented hotel space for BESS educational meetings. It is available with the permission of BESS.
    [BESS Hotel Briefing Book]

Are these tools helpful?

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